How do I activate MyMTC account?

Please follow the steps below to activate your MyMTC account.

  1. Open a web browser, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and type the college web address ( in the search box.
  2. From the college main web page, click on MyMTC link located on the right side of the screen.
    click MyMTC icon/link
  3. On the login page for MyMTC, under Problems signing in, click on What?s My User Name and follow the prompts.
    MyMTC login page, link to What's My Password
  4. On the login page for MyMTC, under Problems signing in, click on MTC Password Security Application
    MyMTC login page, password change highlighted
  5. On the MTC Password Security Application web page, enter your username and select one of the options pertaining to your login.
    Note: All answers to security questions must be typed lower case altogether. MTC Password Security Application, with username surrounded by red box.
  6. Please answer the questions and when prompted enter your password. Note: All passwords must be exactly nine (9) characters long using letters and numbers.
  7. Once you have created your password, go back to MyMTC login page and enter your username and new password.
  8. On the MyMTC main page for students, you will have access to your email account and many others applications.
  9. NOTE: If you have any questions or problems logging into MyMTC, contact the IT Help Desk at (803) 738-7888.